Woman Suffers Major Trauma After Sunset Cliffs Fall

A woman suffered major trauma after she fell from a ledge at Sunset Cliffs.

Shortly before 9 p.m. Sunday, the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department and the San Diego Lifeguards responded to a report of a woman who had fallen from the cliffs.

A 43-year-old female lost consciousness and suffered neck and back injuries, firefighter Matt Nilsen said.

A helicopter lowered water personnel 30 to 40 feet down to help rescue the woman. They put her on a backboard and extracted her. She was taken to UC San Diego Medical Center.

Firefighters said the woman suffered major trauma but was able to talk to first responders, though she did not remember how she had fallen from the cliffs.

Residents of the area said the area needed better warning signs.

“There need to be barriers and warnings, specific statistics that say so many people per week go off, so many have died and so many are injured for life,” said Vicki Rydell, a neighbor that lived nearby.

There is no word on her condition and fire responders could not say if drugs or alcohol were involved.

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