Fake Doctor Sentenced for Practicing Without License

Ann Helms, 57, will spend three years in jail for pretending to be a doctor

A woman who was and treating patients out of an Encinitas facility without a medical license was sentenced on Monday afternoon.

Ann Helms, 57, will spend three years in jail after being convicted of practicing medicine without a license and committing grand theft. 

Helms faked diagnosing patients and then illegally injected them with chemical solvents, according to the district attorney’s office. Helms did not have a license as a doctor, osteopath or naturopath.

“By posing as doctor, diagnosing people and then charging thousands of dollars for what amounted to a dangerous cure, this defendant showed a callous disregard for her victims,” said District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis in a statement.  “Our Consumer Unit works to hold individuals who provide dangerous treatment accountable for their actions and the harm done to their victims.”

One of Helms’ patients became seriously ill after the fake treatment, and was taken to the hospital for organ failure. That patient has yet to recover from her injuries by Helms.

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