Woman Runs for Murder-Torn Family

One runner's race Sunday at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon was about turning tragedy into healing.

Despite losing four relatives less than two weeks ago, Ruth Morales ran the half marathon in honor of her family.

She is the sister of Georgina Pimienta and aunt of Priscilla and Emily Pimienta.

The mother, two daughters and husband died in a murder suicide May 24 at their Bay Terraces home.

Priscilla was a senior at High Tech High School. The family will hold a funeral service Tuesday.

Morales says there were times she wanted to give up during the 13.1-mile run, but she kept reminding herself she had to keep going.

"I felt that by running this, it would help bring healing to the family,” Morales said. “I feel that it symbolizes what we're going through right now, the pain we’re going through. We have no choice but to keep going on and keep putting one foot ahead of the other … I felt that my family would find strength in this.”

Morales says the family is torn, but they're grateful for the love from the community and friends.

The Prissy and Emily Memorial Fund has been established to assist the family with funeral expenses. Contributions can be deposited at any Wells Fargo branch or be sent to High Tech High.

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