San Diego

Woman in Late 70s Attacked In Home by Suspected Burglar

A Chula Vista woman in her late 70s known to neighbors as the Mayor of L Street was attacked by a suspected burglar in her home Monday morning.

Police say the woman was hanging clothes in her backyard when she came inside and was “surprised” by an unknown male. He threw her to the ground, causing her to hit her head and lose consciousness, Chula Vista Police Department Sgt. Marc Ratchford said.

When she came to at around 10 a.m., she called 911.

The victim was seen being helped out of her home and onto a stretcher. Ratchford said she was taken to UC San Diego Medical Center where investigators are following up.

Her daughter told NBC 7 that she is suffering bleeding in her brain.

As neighbors began to find out what had happened, they were very upset.

“She's very sweet and I see her as a next-door neighbor grandma. That just hurts,” neighbor Liaza Lopez said. “I hope she gets better soon.”

Neighbor Don Schortmann refers to the victim as “the mayor of L Street because when you move into this neighborhood she's the first one to come visit you.”

Others in the neighborhoods say she’s lived there since the 1950s.

A next-door neighbor told NBC 7 their surveillance cameras didn’t capture anything suspicious, but police say they’re asking anyone else on the block that has cameras to contact them. Police are still trying to determine a motive for the attack and develop a description of the suspect.

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