Woman Found Guilty of Murdering Mother, 79

Ghazal Mansury is convicted of killing her mother Mehria and dumping her body

A jury has found a Serra Mesa woman guilty of first-degree murder in the death of her 79-year-old mother, whose body was found days later near the Barona Indian Reservation.

Ghazal Mansury closed her eyes for a brief moment of seeming resignation when the verdict against her came down Tuesday.

Mansury had admitted to disposing of her mother Mehria Mansury's body in a remote area, but she pleaded not guilty to killing her.

One juror told NBC 7 it was a hard case because of the subject matter, but in the end, there was never any doubt that Mansury killed her mother. Mansury faces 25 years to life in prison at her March 6 sentencing.

Mehria was last seen alive on Sept. 23, 2013 by other family members. Mansury told relatives her mother went on a walk and never returned, which prompted a missing person search throughout the area.

On Oct. 2, 2013, investigators discovered Mehria's dead body under a tree near the Barona Indian Reservation. The next day, Mansury was arrested for her mother's murder.

Prosecutors say on Mansury's computer, they found online search terms like "homicide" and "how to clean blood stains." 

Mansury claims she opened a door and knocked her mother over, and when she asked if she was OK, her mother replied, "Yes," according to the defendant. When Mansury returned, she says she found her mother dead, so she put her body in the trunk and dumped her elsewhere.

A witness who testified at trial told the jury Mansury had strangeld her mother with a bicycle inner-tube. Others said Mansury had a long-standing animosity toward Mehria. The tipping point allegedly came when a dog was taken away from her.

"There was a documented history of a relationship that had broken down. We knew that the drugs played a part. We knew that Ms. Mansury's choice of friends played a part," said Deputy District Attorney Paul Greenwood. "But more than that, Ms. Mansury unfortunately did not like her mother. That was very clear."

Investigators do not have a cause of death because Mehria's body was exposed to the elements and wild animals, prosecutors say.

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