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Woman Found Guilty of Driving Over, Killing Friend While Intoxicated in Kearny Mesa

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A San Diego woman was convicted Friday of driving over and killing a coworker who tried to stop her from driving drunk after a night out in Kearny Mesa.

Latisha Cherme Ingram, 33, was convicted after one day of jury deliberations for the June 27, 2019, death of her 25-year-old coworker and friend Ha Minh Ta.

Ingram was found guilty of second-degree murder, gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, hit-and-run causing death as well as driving under the influence.

According to prosecutors, her blood alcohol content was measured at .18% -- more than twice the legal limit. She also has a 2010 DUI conviction in Orange County.

Ingram is slated for sentencing on March 20. She could face 15 years to life in prison.

In June, Ingram went out for drinks with Ha and Gabriela Rojo on Convoy Street. Ingram became drunk and when she tried to drive away, Ha and Rojo attempted to stop her, prosecutors and witnesses said.

Surveillance footage played for the jury showed Ha and Rojo hugging
Ingram and trying to pull her away from her car. At one point, Ha appeared to
take Ingram's purse away from her.

“(Ingram) seemed angry and impatient. She wanted to leave… She started yelling at me twice… 'I’m leaving. Leave me the (expletive) alone,'" Rojo said.

Ha eventually stood between Ingram, seated in her car, and the open car door where Rojo said she heard him say, "Listen to Gaby."

When Ingram backed up the car, she yelled for Ha to let go of the car, Rojo said. As Ingram began driving away, Ha continued pleading with her.

“I remember I was behind the car and I looked at him, and his feet. He couldn’t catch his balance," Rojo said.

As Ingram drove out of the parking lot and turned southbound onto Convoy Street, Ha was holding onto her car and fell into the street. He was run over by the back tires, and the defendant continued driving, Deputy District Attorney Phillippa Cunningham said.

Ha was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Rojo testified she witnessed Ingram later talking to police, trying to blame Ha’s death on Rojo.

“She was saying that I was a liar and that I killed Ha. She said that I did it – that I was driving the car. And she kept saying my name, ‘Gaby, Gaby, Gaby,’” Rojo said.

Witnesses say a woman drove over a man who tried stopping her from driving drunk. NBC 7's Joe Little has more.
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