Woman Claims $802K Mega Millions Ticket Sold at Poway Gas Station

It took more than two months, but a Temecula woman has claimed a winning Mega Millions ticket worth $802,153 sold at a Poway gas station in March.

Maureen Wilson had forgotten about the ticket she bought at the Arco AM/PM in Poway on March 1 until she stopped at the very same gas station on May 12.

She noticed the ticket in her wallet and had the store clerk check. Her ticket matched five of the six numbers, according to a news release from the California Lottery.

If she had matched all six numbers, she would had won $130 million.

The 58-year-old woman also said she decided on playing the Mega Millions by mere happenstance. She gave the clerk a dollar and asked him to choose the lottery game.

“I don’t have any luck, so I figure maybe the person choosing (the game) may have the luck,” Wilson said, according to the lottery’s news release.

Wilson, a quality engineer, said she’s out of a job whenever her short-term contract work expires.

She said that besides a trip to Wimbledon, the majority of the money will go into savings.

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