Woman Brutally Beaten by Stranger

"It was a really, really brutal attack, very traumatic," said Monica Munoz of the San Diego Police Department.

Police say the victim met the suspect on the bus.  That suspect started talking to her, describing the apartment complex where she lived.  This worried the woman enough to move to another seat.  However, when she got off the bus at Highland and Eta Street in Shelltown, the man followed.

Police say he grabbed the woman, demanding money and claiming to have a gun, and then punching her in the face.  He then grabbed a metal object from under his shirt.

"He hit her several times in the head with it.  When she finally went to the ground, he slammed her head into the concrete a couple of times," said Munoz.

The suspect then stole the woman's keys, and left.  She was able to call 9-1-1.  She was treated at the hospital and is expected to be ok.

The attack happened on March 19, and police say they've exhausted their leads.

The victim got a good look at her attacker.  He's described as a Hispanic male, 5' 8" tall, weighing about 180 pounds.  The victim says he was wearing a yellow t-shirt and white shorts with blue flowers on them.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police or crimestoppers.  Munoz said information leading to an arrest can earn a $1,000 reward, and those providing the information can remain anonymous.

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