Carmel Valley Woman Describes Bobcat Attack

A Carmel Valley woman bitten by a bobcat after trying to move the animal from the roadway said Tuesday that she suffered puncture wounds, but didn’t require stitches and is otherwise OK.

bobcat injuries 2

A self-described cat lover, Nicole Fairbanks was driving on El Camino on Monday night, headed to her uncle’s house, when she spotted the bobcat lying injured on the street.

She said that she noticed the animal was not moving and was panting, so she didn’t think it would hurt her. That's when, she said, she scooped up the bobcat and started carrying it to the sidewalk when it latched on to her arm.

bobcat hurt 0913

Fairbanks didn’t require stitches for the puncture wounds and was treated at the scene and didn’t need to be taken to the hospital.

San Diego County Animal Services officers responded; they noticed the bobcat had suffered a broken back so they had to euthanize the animal.

Fairbanks recommends never trying to move a bobcat.

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