Wolf Pup Trains to Become Zoo Ambassador

Make public appearances? Teach people about wolves? Look cute? Shadow is up for the challenge.

The 2-month-old grey wolf puppy is training to become the next animal ambassador at the San Diego Zoo.

After a 30-day quarantine, Shadow will be able to interact with people visiting the zoo and even travel to give presentations outside the zoo.

So how does a wolf pup train to become an animal ambassador? For starters, he’s practicing getting used to people; he’s spending time with zoo staff and watching zoo visitors outside the nursery window.

Shadow’s caregivers are introducing him to different sights, smells and sensations. He enjoys gnawing on ficus, hiding in cardboard boxes and chasing slippery ice cubes around his room.

You can visit Shadow at the Children’s Zoo nursery, located in the Discovery Outpost zone near the zoo entrance. After the quarantine period, he will live at Wegeforth Bowl.

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