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With Less Traffic on Road, San Diego Repaves Portion of Harbor Drive

The 3.3-mile stretch of construction will be done on North Harbor Drive from Ash Street to Nimitz Boulevard

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The city of San Diego is taking advantage of decreased traffic amid the stay-at-home order by repaving a stretch of one of its busiest roads.

Just more than 3 miles of North Harbor Drive leading to the San Diego International Airport will be repaved, according to the city. Local leaders determined that since traffic along the road has reduced by 50%, now is a good time to get some work done.

“This stretch of road is so busy that there’s never really a convenient time to make repairs, so we’re taking advantage of the reduced traffic from the statewide stay-at-home order to overhaul and improve this major thoroughfare for the first time in two decades,” San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said in a statement.

The City of San Diego is taking advantage of the decrease in traffic by repaving a portion of Harbor Drive.

Work will be done on both directions of the busy road and construction will include buffered bike lanes, as well. The work will be done from Nimitz Boulevard to Ash Street.

Crews began working on North Harbor Drive on Monday and are expected to work on the project for about three weeks.

Faulconer said it will be the first repaving of the road in 20 years.

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