A Winter Storm At Last

Flooding and school closures come after the rain and snow


The rain on Valentine's Day morning was unfortunately not so romantic for commuters.

Many on-ramps and off-ramps were flooded and winds in areas such as Point Loma reached 46 miles per hour overnight.

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The slick roads caused a FedEx tractor trailer driver to lose control around midnight on a slick I-805 near Sweetwater.

The truck blocked off traffic for a few hours while the CHP investigated. No one was injured.

Light rain is expected to continue through the morning. In the evening, the rain may clear up, but will return Wednesday.

Snow hit the mountain areas Monday night as well. All schools in Julian are closed Tuesday.

On Monday night, by midnight, the CHP reported 51 accidents, which was actually a normal amount of accidents, the CHP said.

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