Winter-Like Weather Has Locals Bundling Up

Cool, wet weather unusual for this time of year.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like… winter?!” You know it’s chilly out when the ocean temperature is warmer than the air temperature.

That’s been the case around the county in the first full week of May, as clouds and anticipated rain gray out the skies.

Rainfall this late in the year is certainly not common, but it’s not completely unheard of. According to the National Weather Service’s rainfall record for May 7, 32/100 of an inch is the record to beat. That was set back in 1971.

Out of town guests who booked their trip to sunny San Diego weren’t expecting this type of weather, especially Kestie Clark from Las Vegas.

“We brought shorts and tank tops and swim suits, and this is the only jacket I brought,” she said. Her jacket was more like a three quarter sleeve sweatshirt, and she was feeling the cold air.

She and her family decided to pass on going to the beach Thursday in favor of picking fresh strawberries at the Carlsbad Strawberry Company instead.

Which brings up another point : How will the late rainfall affect our local crops? Mary Hillabrecht, a farmer from Escondido, told NBC 7 this rain will just mean more weed pulling for her on her family’s farm.

Another farmer in Oceanside said the light rain will be great for local strawberry crop. Too much can be bad this late in the season, but with the small amount of rain we’re expecting, it should be the perfect amount.

Near the water in Carlsbad, you could nearly spot those from colder places like Utah. TJ Watkins and his family spent their final day in San Diego at the beach.

“It’s a little bit more windy than we were hoping, but it’s been okay," he said.

Watkins’ son could hardly speak because his teeth were chattering from the cold after getting out of the ocean.

The locals, on the other hand, were pretty easy to spot in scarves and heavier jacket.

Some joked with NBC 7 that they’re thankful it “finally feels like winter.”

Michael Schertzer of Carlsbad was enjoying the weather with a walk on the beach: “This is a little atypical, but it’s still great.”

Schertzer added, “You want to have a little variety of different types of weather.” Add the warm winter with all the talk about the seriousness of our drought issue, and people say they’ll take the cold weather if it means any amount of rain.

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