Winter Blast Brings Some Snow and Much Rain to San Diego County

From Escondido to Mount Laguna, San Diegans and visitors got a winter blast

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In Escondido, the winter months are always busy for Susana Gallego's business, Aurora's Bakery. On Wednesday, the rain didn’t keep anyone from satisfying their sweet tooth.

“People are getting wet and they don’t care," Gallego said. "You think people are gonna stay warm and cozy? No, it starts raining and they come, and they want to get bread."

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With more rain headed our way, Gallego is trying to keep up. If pastries aren't part of your plans, the frosting on Mount Laguna may get your attention, and whatever amount of snow was missed in Julian was easily made up for with pie.

Wednesday's storm didn’t bring as much snow as many had hoped for, though. Anabel Soria and Sonya Vargas, who both had the day off from work, made the best of it.

“We were hoping to find snow but there wasn’t any," Vargas said, "which is actually not that bad, because driving up here was really smooth.”

There was a different story in other parts of the state. Drivers took it slow on Interstate 80 approaching Lake Tahoe once the roads reopened. And in Mammoth Village, skiers and snowboarders got their fix.

Caltrans is now preparing for another round of storms, hoping to prevent dangerous road conditions.

“I would say this storm is — it's a normal storm,” said Shawn Rizzuto, Caltrans’ chief of maintenance. "Hopefully we don't get a lot of snow or icing. That's our main concern."

A good reminder to plan ahead and be careful on the roads -- this latest storm is expected to bring wet weather into Thursday morning.

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