Will Trump Get The Wall Built?

Building a border wall was one of Trump's main campaign promises

The Trump administration has a lot on its plate right now. There’s the Russian investigation, repealing and replacing Obamacare and pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, making immigration less of a priority.

The prototypes and designs for Trump’s border wall will be laid out in San Diego, and while there’s a lot of talk, there’s been no bipartisan discussion or reform. Cracking down on immigration is a cornerstone of the administration, and while they have made some strides in that effort, Congress as a whole has not addressed the issue.

Before the border wall plans can move forward Congress has to approve funding for the project, which could cost around $67 billion, according to a projection from Senate Democrats.

San Diego State University police science professor James Ingram says if Trump plans to build the wall now is the time to do it.

“What few accomplishments presidents do seem to get done is usually within that first year in office,” he tells NBC 7.

He says the administration needs to set priorities to start moving his agenda forward.

“You have to really be organized as an administration if you really want to try and accomplish something,” Ingram says. “It seems like [they] are in disarray because one minute this iron is on the fire and the next minute, this iron is on the fire.”

Republican Congressman Darrell Issa says, immigration is still a priority for the Republican Party, but Ingram says with so many policies up in the air, the administration needs to narrow things down to push them through.

“[If you] waste your political capital by throwing it to the four winds, then you can't get anything done,” he says.

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