Will Shoppers Notice Whole Food Changes?

Amazon looking to buy organic grocery chain

What would you do with an extra $13 billion?  If you're Amazon you might be buying up Whole Foods.

"This will be a huge benefit to Whole Foods," said San Diego State University (SDSU) Marketing Professor Miro Copic.

Why would Whole Foods need Amazon?

Copic said the growth of the organic grocery chain has slowed down over the years and investors have been pressuring Whole Foods to sell.

Amazon would benefit by adding a well-known brand to its lineup and the company's premium grocery products to its online store.

Whole Foods would benefit by streamlining its operation and taking advantage of Amazon's sophisticated distribution system.

"This really enables Whole Foods to realize its ambition of being a thousand stores nationally," said Copic.

He added that would make the chain competitive with other grocery giants like Safeway or Kroger, which locally owns Ralphs or Vons.

But what about the consumer? Will shoppers benefit from the takeover?

"The consumer is going to see lower prices in the physical Whole Foods stores," said Copic.  

He said consumers will also see better prices and more selection on Amazon's online store.

For those concerned about the store's corporate philosophy, Amazon has announced that if it buys Whole Foods, CEO John Mackey will stay on to lead the company and the headquarters will remain in Austin, Texas.

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