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Will San Diegans Take Vacation Road Trips Despite Cost of Gas?

More than half of Americans say they're planning a summer road trip

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Now that gas is more than $5 a gallon, 75% of  Americans say they'll make changes to offset the price at the pump, according to a new survey by AAA.

However, people are still expected to travel, The survey shows that more than half of Americans say they're planning a summer road trip, and of those, 40% say they have no plans to change those leisure plans.

“When it comes to daily routines, ‘Yeah, I’ll take a carpool to go to work,' 'I’m not going to eat out this weekend at the restaurants,' or 'I’m not going to shop as much at the stores,’ but when it comes to spring break and, especially, summer road trips, people are willing to spend that extra money to take their vacation,” said AAA communication manager Doug Shupe.

Shupe said it speaks to people wanting to get out after two years of pandemic restrictions and lockdowns.

Andrew Gloag, who spent $146 to fill up his tank at the Costco in Mission Valley, said he's planning to take a trip to San Francisco, but not in his truck. 

“I’m not taking this," Gloag said. "We’re definitely going in another car that's more fuel-efficient.”

AAA is closely watching gas costs, according to Shupe, who said prices seemed to have leveled off over the last few days. 

“In the meantime, encouraging everybody to think about fuel efficiency, keeping those vehicles well maintained, keeping your tires properly inflated," Shupe said. "Don’t drive around with a lot of excess weight in your car that you don’t need for daily commutes. Adjust your driving habits. Don’t speed.”

According to the survey, 18- to 34-year-olds are almost three times as likely as those 35 and over to consider carpooling. Those 35 and older are more likely to favor combining trips and errands and to reduce shopping or dining out.

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