Will Car Thieves Take the Bait?

San Diego Police use high tech 'bait cars' to cut down on stolen cars

You won't find this car in any dealership but San Diego police are hoping their new "bait car" unveiled Thursday will be hot enough to cut down on car thefts in San Diego. The new anti-AutoTheft Bait cars are outfitted with advanced technology  designed to catch crooks in action.   

Vehicle theft is the No. 1 property crime, costing Americans $7.6 billion each year, according to Allstate Insurance Company which is donating the customized car to San Diego police. The FBI says San Diego ranks 8 in the nation for auto theft.  The bait car is outfitted to the max with hi-tech equipment including  a GPS tracking system, hidden cameras and kill switches. And so as not to tip off thieves, the type of  "bait car"  being used is kept a secret.

"There is no haven for car thieves in San Diego", said San Diego Police Chief  William Landsdowne. "The next car they steal could be their last," he adds.Allstate will donate "bait cars" to 14 cities in the U.S. as part of an awareness campaign to prevent car theft by boosting consumer awareness.

San Diego Police Department tips include always locking your vehicle, parking in well-lit spaces and closing all windows and the sunroof  are a good start to prevention.

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