Rancho Bernardo

Wildlife Center Releases Rancho Bernardo Coyote Back into Wild

A female coyote found with construction tubing around her neck is back home

A local wildlife organization has released a female coyote back into the wild after taking her in for treatment and rehabilitation last month.

The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center, an affiliate of the Humane Society of the United States, reports that she was in great health when released.

The coyote was released into an open space surrounding the property where she was originally caught in Rancho Bernardo on May 22 with construction tubing around her neck. The animal was also severely underweight, according to the wildlife center.

Upon arrival at the center in May, experts removed the tubing and gave her medication. It was at first unclear if she would make it through the night.

An exam last week revealed that her wounds had healed and she was ready to be transferred to the center’s outdoor coyote enclosure. After being seamlessly introduced to the outdoor enclosure, the staff decided she was ready to go home.

The release was successful as the animal darted out of its den-box and into the surrounding brush.

“Her recovery and release is a true success story,” Matthew Anderson, director of the wildlife center, said. “I am delighted that she is now back in the wild.”

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