San Diego Humane Society

Wildlife Baby Shower!

Project Wildlife is having a baby shower to prepare for the incoming surge of young wild animals that will need care in the coming weeks and months.

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It's baby season for wild animals.

In the coming weeks and months, thousands of young wild animals will rely on the San Diego Humane Society's Project Wildlife for lifesaving care.

Every spring, the Project Wildlife program is flooded with injured and orphaned baby wildlife -- including raccoons, rabbits, hummingbirds, ducklings and even baby bobcats -- and needs the community's help to give them a second chance.

Donations will help prepare the facility meet the many needs of the animals. The public's generosity will help give these babies the care they need to grow healthy and strong before they're released back into the wild. Every bottle, bag of birdseed and can of baby food donated can potentially save a life.

Project Wildlife is hosting a virtual baby shower if you're interested in donating.

This is the facilities 12th wildlife baby shower.

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