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Wildfire Threats Urging California Voters to Push for Legislative Change

Last year was the state’s deadliest and most destructive wildfire year on record, but climate change, rising temperatures and dry hills are concerning people for what could come next.

According to a statewide survey by Action for Wildfire Resiliency, 80 percent of California voters feel our current laws need to be updated to better reflect the realities of climate change and increased fire risk.

The Parmer family lived through the 2003 and 2007 wildfires that devasted the East County. Both times, Scott Parmer said his family was evacuated. And both times, no action outside of the mandatory evacuations was taken.

Although the Parmers have done what they can to keep their Santee home fire ready, they agree that more needs to be done to keep people safer during and after wildfires.

“Whether its climate related or not, we are having more fires, and so I think polices need to change and consider that when they put fire engines in, build new homes, make sure it’s safe for the people to make their homes as safe as possible but also make sure they can get out if there is a fire,” Parmer said.

Action for Wildfire Resiliency is urging the California State Legislature and the Governor to pass a legislative package before the legislative recess commences on July 12 to help the state better prevent, prepare for, respond to and rebuild from wildfires.

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