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Wife Mourns Veteran Postal Worker Killed While Cycling

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San Diego’s El Cerrito community is mourning the death of a favorite son. Not a relative or civic leader, but someone whose life touched all of theirs – their neighborhood postal worker.

Twenty-five-year postal work veteran Kevin Wilson, 56, was killed in a hit-and-run accident while biking on Martin Luther King Day.

After more than two decades on route in El Cerrito, neighbors say Wilson had become part of their lives tonight he is remembered for it.

Wilson and his wife Nancy Cavanaugh-Wilson even met at the post office. They fell in love and were together for over 20 years.

"He was my world. That was just Kevin, he was one of a kind,” Cavanaugh-Wilson said.

The people he delivered mail to, shared similar sentiments.

"People aren't as open to being friendly and kind and wonderful and that is what he was."

Wilson was more than just a letter carrier to them. One neighbor described how another neighbor lost their dog and Wilson went out looking for it.

Another described how he’d go above and beyond his job responsibilities.

"If we were going somewhere or something and we wouldn't want to leave it in in the mailbox and he would take it then bring it to us so nicely the next day,” one neighbor said.

Wilson was killed while cycling on Dehesa Road east of Willow Glen Monday morning. CHP investigators said he was struck from behind.

“My world just collapsed,” Cavanaugh-Wilson said. “He was such a good man. He was such a good man."

CHP investigators arrested 56-year-old Craig Nelson of Julian in connection with Wilson's death. Nelson was out on bond as of Wednesday but is facing charges of vehicular homicide and hit and run.

Wilson's wife said the suspect was caught with the help of two other drivers on the road at the time. One recorded the collision on a camera he had inside his car and another followed the suspect's car and called 911.

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