Why Is SDG&E Giving Me Money?


Yes, San Diego, miracles do happen: County residents can expect to see tidy little credits in their bills during the next two months, according to utility officials.

August and September's bills will be exactly $32.28 smaller, courtesy of the California Climate Credit program.

The CCC "requires power plants, natural gas providers and other large industries that emit greenhouse gases to buy carbon pollution permits," SDG&E said in a news release sent out on Wednesday. And those permits are big money. Divided by millions of Californians, that works out to about $64 per billpayer.

SDG&E was originally expected to pay up in April and October, but the utility petitioned the California Public Utilities Commission to pay during the summer months, when air-conditioning -- and bills -- spike.

You may have missed it, but you also got a $21.11 credit in April, this time for a CCC natural gas credit.

Those pollution permits will keep giving next year; SDG&E customers will get credits again, following the same schedule that was established in 2020.

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