Why Are Military Vehicles Passing Through Pacific Beach?

The sight of military vehicles rolling through Pacific Beach this week prompted many questions and theories but officials say the reasoning is fairly routine.

Several residents took to social media, questioning why they spotted light armored vehicles come through the area, particularly Pico Street off of Garnet Avenue.

“I was headed back to a different location and I see these tanks parked over here in the street,” said Frank Cantu, a postal worker. “There was at least six or eight of them.”

NBC 7 reached out MCAS Miramar and the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot and officials at both places said they didn’t use those vehicles.

Officials at Camp Pendleton and 29 Palms couldn’t be immediately but on Thursday provided a reason for the convoy.

The LAVs were from Camp Pendleton and moving into position for Fleet Week events.

A San Diego tradition, Fleet Week involves events hosted by the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard to honor those serving in the military.

Residents reported seeing a line of tanks roll through their neighborhood over the past week and a half.

“For a minute, I was a little stunned,” said PB resident Donald Chambers.

Some residents even speculated the vehicles could be part of a military exercise taking place in several states over the last couple of months.

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