San Diego

Why Are Hundreds of Baby Clams Washing Ashore?

Beach goers at Silver Strand State Beach near Coronado said Thursday they have noticed hundreds of baby clams along the coastline.

“It’s your usual hard clam but then they have fuzz at the end," said San Diego resident, Pete Vaillant. He added he has seen a lot this year but does not remember seeing any last year.

Lifeguards said they are called Pismo Clams. They have small, smooth, yellow-tinted shells with green moss-like fur, which helps them catch their food.

Lifeguards in the area said Silver Strand State Beach is a perfect habitat for the clams.

"July starts their mating and spawning season, so that's why people are seeing more," said John Anderson, lead lifeguard at Silver Strand State Beach.

Anderson added it is illegal to take any baby Pismo Clams off the beach, in an effort to conserve their population. Anyone caught taking them can face a citation.

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