White Still Faces Legal Hurdles

Frank White shot Rachel Silva and her son last year in Oceanside

Although the criminal case involving Frank White is now behind him, two civil lawsuits stemming from the shooting of a woman and her young son are still moving forward.

White shot Rachel Silva and her young son last year in an Oceanside parking lot. On Monday, White was found not guilty of a pair of weapons charges.

Silva has filed suit against White -- who was off-duty at the time -- the city of San Diego and the San Diego Police Department. A lawsuit has also been filed on behalf of her son.

White has filed a countersuit against Silva.

The San Diego police officer has been on unpaid leave since November. On Monday night, the San Diego Police Officer's Association issued a statement of support for him:

"We were confident the justice system would find no question that Frank is innocent of these charges.

It has been an arduous journey for Frank and his family.  

We are incredibly happy that they will be able to finally close this chapter in their lives and hopefully return to a sense of normalcy."

White had faced up to nine years in prison if he had been convicted of both charges.

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