Where's the No. 1 Place to Do No. 2?

Qualcomm teamed up with UCSD to host a widget development contest Sunday for Plaza, the company’s new mobile Internet platform.
Close to 70 students competed, trying to be the first in the world to create widgets for the new platform.

Of course there was more than pride on the table. There were five categories, each offering $1,500 in cash to the winner.

Here’s an idea of what you may soon be able to get on your phone:

  • Bathroom Buddy
    Find the nearest bathroom when an emergency strikes.
  • iQ
    Get answers to life’s pressing questions while on the go like “Where’s the best deal on a great haircut?
  • Pricefinder
    Enter the UPC and check the price. For those moments when you can’t find the nearest price check scanner.
  • Sketch n Etch
    Who doesn’t want that on their phone? The ability to draw and even change the line colors while waiting somewhere.
  • Moviefinder
    Search the nearest theaters by zip code and even view the trailer.

We want to hear from you – which would you find most valuable?

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