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Cool Off From Extreme Heat: San Diego County Opens Cool Zones

Cool Zones are free air-conditioned locations where older adults, persons with disabilities or anyone looking to escape the heat can go

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As the summer heats up, the County of San Diego opened up dozens of sites called Cool Zones, where locals can beat the heat.

Cool Zones are free air-conditioned locations available to anyone looking to escape the heat — particularly older adults, people with disabilities and those who want to conserve energy at home. Locations include libraries and community centers and extend as far north as Fallbrook, to the U.S.-Mexico border and as far east as Borrego Springs.

To view a list of all the sites in the county, click here or call 211 for location information.

The city of San Diego also opened up additional cool zones for the Labor Day weekend due to a heat wave that was sending temperatures into triple-digits. Those locations will be open Sunday and Monday from noon to 5 p.m. Find a list of locations here.

Cool Zones Fan Program & Free Transportation

For those who are 60 years of age and older or disabled, living on limited incomes or homebound, the county can provide them with free electric fans. For more details or to request a fan, call 211.

Also, those who do not have transportation assistance to get to a Cool Zone can call 211 to be connected to a transportation or rideshare service at no cost.

NBC 7's/Telemundo 20's Ana Cristina Sanchez shares tips on how to avoid heat stroke -- and what to do if you're experiencing symptoms.

Tips to Beat the Heat

  • Stay hydrated. Avoid sugary beverages
  • Check on friends and neighbors at high risk for heat-related illness
  • Stay cool in an air-conditioned area
  • Never leave kids or pets in a closed, parked vehicle
  • If you go outside, remember: Wear a hat; wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing; use sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher), and bring water
  • Limit time outdoors. Take breaks often

What to Do If Somebody Is Overheated

From San Diego County: If someone is showing signs of heat-related illness, call 911 and begin cooling the individual by:

  • Moving them to a shaded area
  • Spraying with cool water and fanning them
  • Placing them in a cool shower if they are alert
  • Monitoring the body temperature and continuing cooling efforts, and
  • Do not give the victim fluids to drink
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