When Pit Bulls Attack

A string of pit bull attacks leaves a miniature horse mauled, two other dogs dead and residents shaken and helpless in North County, according to a published report.

The incidents occurred in Paradise Mountain, an otherwise quiet community east of Valley Center on the edge of the San Pasqual Indian Reservation, reported the North County Times.

Several neighbors said law enforcement, county animal control and tribal authorities have failed to track down the pit bulls responsible for the attacks despite repeated pleas. They said they've provided specific information about where the dogs came from ---- just across the reservation line near Sunset Vista Lane.

Pit bulls are among certain breeds of dogs that have been linked to numerous deadly attacks on animals and people nationwide. Some communities have passed laws to either ban them or place more restrictions on owning pit bulls.

County officials say they've investigated the Paradise Mountain attacks but do not have the authority to seize any dogs from the reservation. Tribal officials did not comment for this story, despite repeated requests.

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