What You Shouldn't Do When Working From Home

Using just a mere picture of a work-from-home set up posted on social media, hackers can figure a way to target their victims

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Many of us are working from home these days and spending a lot of time on social media, but certain things we’re doing online may be making us a prime target for hackers. 

People are getting pretty creative with their at-home work set up and want to show it off. So they're posting pictures of their computers and workspace online. Experts, however, say this is really putting a person at risk for being hacked.

Social media use has increased as people search for news and a way to connect with others.

We’re sharing more than we normally would on social media platforms, and that can give some really good clues into passwords for hackers.

With so many people now working online, more hackers are looking for ways to target their next victim. NBC 7’s Ashley Matthews shares cybersecurity tips on ways to keep yourself safe.

It's important to know devices at home are vulnerable for hackers to take advantage of; really anything that's connected to the internet could be a target.

Hackers can look at devices and routers being used and figure out which ones they can get into, and how everything is set up in your home -- all from that pictures posted on social media.

“Say you work in accounting and you have sensitive information or you work in HR. If you show where the windows are and where somebody could see where your computer is, hypothetically somebody could just set up a camera right outside your window and see everything on your screen,” explained cybersecurity expert Jake Milstein with CI Security.

It's also very important to make your passwords very hard. So hard you may even have difficulty remembering them, yourself.

You also want to use a secure password program to protect your security.

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