What You Should Know If You're Planning To Legally Buy Marijuana in 2018

Police tell NBC 7 Investigates the new law has already brought some confusion surrounding what’s allowed and what’s illegal after January 1.

Adults 21 and over are preparing for something they could never do before in California: legally buy marijuana for recreational use. But with the new rules going into effect January 1, police tell NBC 7 Investigates the law has already brought confusion surrounding what’s allowed and what’s illegal. 

The only stores that can sell marijuana to non-medical patients are businesses with both a state and local license. Currently, San Diego is the only city in San Diego County allowing previously permitted shops to obtain state licenses. 

To see a map showing licensed dispensaries in San Diego County selling marijuana products recreationally on January 1, see below or mobile users can click here

Consumers can only possess up to one ounce of cannabis or up to eight grams of a cannabis concentrate (wax in vape cartridges, shatter, oil, etc.)  

Driving with marijuana is very similar to driving with alcohol. Products must remain sealed and out of the driver’s reach at all times. If pulled over and officers find unsealed products outside of the trunk of your car, you could be cited or arrested. 

Marijuana use in a car is strictly prohibited, both for drivers and passengers. Police tell NBC 7 Investigates if a driver is pulled over, and marijuana use is suspected, drug recognition experts will be called out during a traffic stop to determine if you are under the influence. According to state law, it is illegal to transport marijuana products out of the state.  

There is no blood level measurement test for marijuana in your system but police said they can make DUI arrests based on evidence and the officer and expert’s testimony. 

The largest misconception police say Californians have had since Proposition 64 was passed is smoking or using marijuana products in a public place, that remains illegal. Marijuana can only be consumed on private property and violators can be cited or arrested and could face infraction or misdemeanor charges. 

Growing your own marijuana is legal but has its restrictions. Adults without a doctor’s medical recommendation can only grow six plants per residence, not per individual. Plants cannot be grown in backyards unless they are in an enclosed structure out of the public’s view. 

For more information on California’s new rules surrounding cannabis, click here

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