Winning Mega Millions Ticket Sold in Calif.

Two tickets matched the winning numbers for an estimated $333 million Mega Millions jackpot, one sold in New York and the other in California.

The numbers were drawn Friday night in Atlanta.

Georgia Lottery officials had estimated the jackpot for the Friday drawing at $325 million after no one hit the big prize on Tuesday. They said Friday that increased ticket sales had bumped the prize to about $333 million.

Mega Millions tickets are sold in Georgia, Illinois, California, Texas, Washington, Virginia, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Maryland and Massachusetts.

The new Mega Millions jackpot is estimated at $12 million for Tuesday's drawing.

We asked our Facebook friends and Twitter followers what they would do with the money if they won and whether they would share the winnings with family or friends. Here are their responses:

  • Christopher Melton: I would pay off all my bills, buy a house here in San Diego, one in Big Bear and one on the East Coast somewhere. I would buy a house here for my roommate that is on disability, then I would throw one heck of a party for the city of San Diego just to cheer everyone up in these tough times. After all that I would disappear for at least a year to travel the world.
  • Michael Babowal: I would buy a house for my wife, dog, new baby and myself. I would definitely share the money with my family and close friends.
  • Marla Gamez: I would open a business and get everyone involved.
  • Florian Carr: I would buy a place were I can rescue pit bulls.
  • Rebekah Smith Johnson: Pay all my bills and mortgage, set my kids up for college and beyond, go a an amazing vacation with close family and friends, travel, lots of travel!
  • Mickey Torres: Does anyone know a lotto winner? I wonder how many did share with their friends and how hard to determine which friends. Yikes!
  • Julie Williams: I'd pay off all my bills, set up trust funds for my kids, invest wisely, help my immediate family and other family members that have helped me out in the past with anything that needed taking care of, and would buy myself a house here and in the UK, and would buy houses or pay up the ones they have for my family. I would also fund a free daycare for people that are having a tough time working and being able to afford care for their children (my current predicament, as a third of my pay each month goes to childcare, it hits the wallet hard!) I'd buy a new car for me too as I'm currently driving a 1999 Hyundai Elantra with 150,000 miles on it from El Cajon to Vista everyday.
  • Leanne Bains: Set up accounts to make sure my daughters were set for whatever college they wanted to go to and for the rest of their lives. I would invest in numerous educational programs and programs for single moms. I would complete the requirements for a master’s degree and help out some deserving family and friends so they can reach their goals with less stress. I would go on humanitarian missions and take my daughters so that they can be humble and learn what its like to love and give to others. I would probably end up giving it all away.... hhahahaah
  • @SeanMonz: I would take everyone on a vacation. When we are all drinking on the beach in a good mood, I would make it clear that they get no more $.
  • @ mmrubio: I don't know if I'd buy anything... maybe pay for a nice trip and pay off some bills! And YES, I would definately share with my family!
  • @ VirtualMC:1st a house & I would repay all the kindness I've been lucky to receive! Buy my parents a place, pay my sis mortgage, help gram.

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