What The…?

I'm sure you've all been following the plight of the La Jolla seals at the Children's Pool.  Is it our land?  Is it their land?  Who should be allowed to sunbathe there?  It's riveting stuff.

Well now, the city of San Diego, and boy do I wish I had a name, wants to use tape recordings of barking dogs to drive the harbor seals away.  At the cost of about $700,000!  Um, seriously?  700 grand for tape recordings of dogs barking? 

If they stopped, wouldn't the seals come right back?  Would they all be the same type of dog, with the same type of bark?  I have a dog that howls ... could she be used?  I don't get it.  Who thought this was a good plan?

Fortunately for us, Judge Yuri Hoffman stepped in, saying that while the city should clear the seals from the Children's Pool, a barking dog recording is not a viable option.  He will consider other methods of removal at another meeting, scheduled for June 15.

In the meantime, the seals have a reprieve and can stay on the sands and in the water at the Children's Pool.  But they know the clock is running.  They're going to have to pull up anchor and move someplace else where they won't be infringing on OUR way of life.

Don't people move to the beach communities to be closer to nature?  I'm just saying.

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