What the Chargers Downtown Stadium Initiative Means For the Fans

The Chargers Release 110 Page Downtown Stadium Initiative

 By now you the Chargers are focused on moving the team to a Downtown Stadium location. Wednesday morning the San Diego Chargers released their Downtown San Diego Stadium initiative. In the lengthy 110 page initiative the Chargers lay it all out there. The cliff’s notes version is as follows: In the Chargers' plan for a new stadium the team and the NFL would be paying $650 million but it would also require a 4 percent increase in the hotel tax to provide the other $350 million for the total $1 billion cost. Team officials are pushing to get enough signatures to qualify the measure for the November ballot.

So what does this mean for you? That depends on how much (if anything) you think the tax payers should have to chip in. In a broader sense, most stadium deals require the tax payers to put up the entire bill. In other cases, like with the Sun Life Stadium renovations in Miami, the owner cuts the check. The initiative the Chargers are proposing would have tax payers paying about one-third of the cost. But of course, there are many layers to this stadium onion. We have the document released by the Chargers for you to view in it's entirety in our news section. 

Before anything can happen, San Diegans would need to get on board and agree to the $350 million hotel tax hike. Otherwise, this initiative isn’t going anywhere; but the Chargers may be going two hours north.

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