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What President Biden Is Expected to Do in His First Few Weeks in Office

President Biden has already signed a flurry of executive orders Wednesday and is expected to sign more in the coming days and weeks ahead. NBC 7's political reporter Priya Sridhar takes a look at what we might expect

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Because former President Trump created so many policies through executive order, it's actually not that difficult for President Biden to reverse them, advisors say he's likely to sign a mask mandate for federal buildings and interstate travel.

Response to the coronavirus pandemic will be at the top of his agenda as hospitalizations and deaths due to the virus increase across the country.

"The expectation is that the Biden people will send a big COVID-19 relief package to Congress, bigger than the one that passed earlier this year and it will need to get a majority support to pass which probably won't be that difficult," said Casey Dominguez, Ph.D. a professor of political science at the University of San Diego.

President Biden has proposed a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package that would include $1,400 stimulus checks.

Beyond coronavirus, an immigration reform will likely be a top priority.

"The reinstatement of DACA and kind of making it kind of more fully functioning. The repeal of the Muslim travel ban from a number of majority Muslim countries, an executive order to halt construction on the border wall," said Stephen Goggin, Ph.D. a professor of political science at San Diego State University.

Analysts also expect President Biden to reverse a ban on transgender troops in the military and rejoin the Paris Climate Accord.

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