What Kind of Coach Do the Chargers Want Now?

The front office explained the types of candidates they will consider

The Chargers have already compiled a list of candidates for their open head coaching position. However they are not going to be revealing who is on that list. At least, not any time soon.

“Throughout the process, as least initially, we’re going to keep the list between us,” said Director of Football Operations John Spanos, who has the ultimate decision on who to hire next. “When you’re going through this type of process it can be advantageous to keep some of those things behind closed doors initially.”

Word did leak out that the Bolts have asked permission to speak with Patriots Defensive Coordinator Matt Patricia, one of Bill Belichick’s most trusted staffers who is likely going to have many of the six teams looking for a new coach in pursuit.

The Bolts also figure to give at least one if not both of their coordinators, Ken Whisenhunt and John Pagano, and interview. As of Monday the rest of the coaching staff was under contract and has a chance to be retained by the incoming head coach.

If we are not going to get specifics, perhaps we can paint a picture of the qualities San Diego (for now) wants in its new head coach. One thing they say they will not be pigeon holed in to is looking at an “offensive-minded” or “defensive-minded” candidate. They say they have a deep pool of people to parse.

“We’re open to offense, defense, special teams, college, pro … it doesn’t matter to us,” said General Manager Tom Telesco.

There is a certain skill set the Bolts are looking for, though, and it’s a crop of characteristics that are hard to find all in one place.

“Can you teach? Can you communicate? Can you motivate? Can you lead a football team? Those four things, they sound easy but there’s a lot that goes in to it,” said Telesco.

One of the biggest issues for the Chargers the last two seasons has been winning close games, especially when they had the lead in the 4th quarter. Conventional wisdom says that’s a shortcoming in the head coach, who often sets the attitude of the entire team.

“Being a leader is such a major part of it. As a coordinator you’re so focused on really X’s and O’s and scheming it up. Same with the defensive coordinator. As a head coach you’ve got to tie everything in, all three phases.”

Telesco was quick to say that does not mean they think McCoy was lacking in leadership. The Chargers also said they will consider first-time head coaches as well as people with prior head coaching experience. They did not offer a time table on when they want to have a new hire finalized.

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