What is the Weirdest Device You've Had Hacked?

A San Diego State University Professor theorizes that everyone in the United States has been hacked at some point or another. 

We posted the question on the NBC 7 Facebook page, 'What is the weirdest device you or someone you know has had hacked?' 

The answers we received were strange, to say the least. 

James Christman said his Bluetooth toothbrush was hacked. Bluetooth toothbrushes can connect to your iphone, giving you information about your hygiene and brush habits. 

"Hackers stole the data from my Bluetooth toothbrush and released a virus into the programming," wrote Christman. "The toothbrush would go off in the middle of the night and spin across the counter." 

A creepy encounter happened to local, Clint Davis. He said he took a picture of his wife on his Samsung Galaxy phone. 

"The next day, a man Facebook messaged my wife and sent her the photo I had taken," Davis said. 

He added that he put a security app on his phone to prevent future hacks. 

Thomas Helsel wrote he knew of a time that the public address system was hacked into at the Broadway department store in Escondido. He added it was hacked through the phone system at the Carlsbad store, and customers got some 'interesting announcements.' 

Stephen Cobb is a senior security researcher at ESET in San Diego. He said people should be aware that it is possible to break into smart thermostats remotely. 

"An internet connected thermostat may have a screen on it. It is a computer itself. A hacker can get in via the internet and reprogram it to play computer games from the 1980's," said Cobb. "The bigger problem is somebody turning off your heat in the winter or turning up the temperature." 

What is the weirdest device you've had hacked?

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