What in the Whatness? Chargers Tweet NLDS Support for Dodgers

Needless to say Padres fans are not thrilled with this

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The Padres and Dodgers meet in the National League Division Series that starts on Tuesday night in Arlington, Texas.

If you're a Padres fan you probably harbor something bordering hatred for the Dodgers. If you're a Dodgers fan you probably have something resembling mild annoyance for the Padres.

If you're either a Padres or a Dodgers fan you probably have those exact same feelings about the Chargers. The football team that formerly called San Diego home is still an afterthought in Los Angeles but finally got itself some time in the spotlight.

Not for anything it did on the field. The Bolts are 1-3. No, this franchise is stirring up emotions with a tweet:

Take a scroll through the comments and you'll see the reaction. The vast majority of people, both Padres and Dodgers fans, think the tweet was in really bad taste given the Chargers history in San Diego.

In fact, it was not even liked by the Dodgers and it's not like the team's official page doesn't interact with other official accounts. They liked this message from the Los Angeles Rams:

And this one from the Lakers:

And this one from LAFC:

Really the only tweet they ignored is the one from the Chargers.

It's understandable that the Bolts would want to interact with the other professional sports franchises in the city where it plays. It's also understandable that the teams that are entrenched in Los Angeles don't really care to interact with the new kid that most of those teams believe shouldn't be in town.

Or, perhaps the Dodgers simply have a good memory:

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