What Happened to the Honeymoon Bridge in Balboa Park?

Friends of Balboa Park plan to reconstruct the historic bridge

It's a mystery that spans decades, what happened to the popular Honeymoon Bridge in Balboa Park? 

"It's a really charming and rustic bridge built in 1935," said David Marshall, Chairman of the Board for Friends of Balboa Park. "It disappeared sometime in the 1950's." 

Marshall said there is no documentation about why the bridge is not there anymore. One theory is that termites destroyed the wooden bridge beyond repair. 

"Couples would cross the bridge on opposite sides and meet in the middle for good luck," added Marshall. 

Today, all that stands of the Honeymoon Bridge are some stairs that lead to nowhere. The large canyon it once expanded across is blocked off by fences for safety. 

Friends of Balboa Park is planning to restore the bridge. The $1.3 million project will be privately funded. 

"I like that they're putting something back that was there originally," said Mary Mcnaughton, who was walking in the park Friday. 

"It's not a small project," said Marshall. "It will be 137 long, all built out of wood." 

They are hoping it is complete by 2021. 

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