What Does Massive Rams-Titans Deal Mean for Chargers?

The Los Angeles Rams know they need to make a splash if they want to be relevant in Tinsel Town. On Thursday they did just that.

LA traded six draft picks to the Tennessee Titans to move up and get the number one overall pick. It's expected they'll select either QB Carson Wentz or QB Jared Goff, the new young face of their franchise.

So how does this impact the Chargers, who pick third and were considering trading their pick?

The Rams surrendered two firsts, two seconds and two thirds for the No. 1 overall, a fourth and a sixth. When teams see that, they're going to hesitate to make a similar move to No. 3 because the bar has been set.

Now there's a starting point for what the Chargers can ask for. No other team is likely to give up four or five picks unless they are in love with a certain player.

In fact the only team that has the Draft currency to to that right now is probably ... The Titans. With six of the first 76 picks this year and an additional second and third rounder next year they could put together a package that still gives them plenty of selections and allows them to move back up.

Of course the Rams moved all the way from 15 so they had to sweeten the pot a bit. If a team wants to move up from, say, nine to three, the asking price is not quite as high. But now that the top of the Draft is crystallizing, will anyone want to move up?

Enter the Chargers.

Now, assuming the Rams and Browns both take quarterbacks, the Bolts, who are not in the market for a QB in the first round anyway, will have their pick of any other player.

That opens the possibility for Laremy Tunsil, the top-rated offensive tackle prospect, or any of the blue chip defensive prospects. It also likely means teams drafting later will have a better chance at the guy they want falling to them.

One move on Thursday shook up the entire first round of the Draft and given the Chargers a lot more options.

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