Rory Devine

What Does June 15 Mean for Schools?

June 15th is the day California reopens. What does it mean for schools?

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Summer school is right around the corner, year-round schools start in July and traditional schools will be back in August or September. So, when California fully reopens next week, does that mean schools will be back to normal?

As far as distancing between desks, not much has changed. Some schools continued to keep a five to six feet of space between desks to allow for social distancing, but in March, that changed, and six-foot spacing is no longer a requirement.

Since March, the "recommendation" has been for a minimum of three feet of space between students as they sit at their desks. 

As for masks, there is a change coming June 15. Even if they are vaccinated, students must still wear masks, but only when indoors.

When referring to schools in a news release Friday about reopening California, Governor Newsom said he “will amend the guidance as needed by the evolving public health conditions and recommendations by the CDC…”

Meanwhile, the same group of North County parents that sued to change the six-foot rule between desks wants to change the mask mandate for students when they are indoors.

San Diego Unified still follows the five to six-foot rule of spacing, and said it would continue to do that through the summer, probably relaxing that when school begins in the fall.

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