San Diego

What Are Your New Year's Traditions and Resolutions?

People in the Gaslamp District in downtown San Diego were excited Friday as 2018 quickly approaches. 

Folks told NBC 7 their favorite New Year's Day traditions, as well as their resolutions for next year. 

"We go to different places. Last year was San Francisco, this year was San Diego, another year was a cruise," said 10-year-old Roberta Davalos. "We always do count downs and we go to different restaurants." 

Others said they spend the holiday not celebrating very much. 

"My New Year's tradition for the last decade is to go to sleep early and get up early," said Sarah Goldman, a San Diego resident. "Everybody's out of my way, I've got the streets to myself!" 

Still others like to celebrate through food and decorations. 

"We like to eat at restaurants and do balloons," said tourist, Catalina Sandolva.

Some people are taking the time to reflect on the attitude they want to have in 2018. 

"My resolution is to stay healthy and stay positive," said Moe Mayssaoy, who owns a business in the Gaslamp. "That's number one in life." 

What are your New Year's traditions and resolutions? 

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