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What Are The Top 3 Items Purchased on Christmas Day?

A study by Time magazine shows people are buying these things every December 25

For many, December 25 is spent with friends and family, either at home or out and about. 

Have you ever wondered what the top 3 items purchased in the United States on Christmas Day are? According to Time magazine, they are: movie tickets, Chinese food, and alcohol. 

There are many movies released on Christmas Day every year. It's a fun tradition for a lot of families. 

The movie that has grossed the most of all time with an opening on Christmas day is Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with an impressive $49,325,663 on December 25, 2015. 

This year, customers can still see popular movies like Aquaman and Marry Poppins Returns in theaters. 

"I'm going to let my husband decide what we see for once," said Leshawn Henderson in Mission Valley. "He's been wanting to see a few things so he gets to pick." 

Alcohol sales skyrocket during the holiday season. Wines priced at $20 or higher sell 180 percent better the week leading up to December 25, according to Time. Spirit sales increase by 162 percent. 

"Our family just likes hanging out with each other, playing games and drinking alcohol," said Tim Flemming, who lives in San Diego. 

A survey by Yahoo also shows a majority of people say Christmas is their favorite drinking holiday. 

Chinese food sales go way up on Christmas Day. Slate Magazine and Grubhub put this to the test in a study that found Chinese food orders increase by 152 percent every Dec. 25.

"It's something to do on Christmas Day!" said Sue Johnson in Golden Hill. 

What is your favorite thing to do on Christmas? 

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