San Diego

Paddle Boarders Encounter Whale in La Jolla

The whale encounter happened on Sunday evening, just before sunset

A group of people paddle boarding in La Jolla on Super Bowl Sunday came face-to-face with a whale as the sea creature surfaced near their boards.

The incredible encounter was caught on video by fellow paddle boarder, Scott Yoffe, who worked as the assistant director of public relations for the Chargers for 21 years when the team was in San Diego.

Yoffe posted GoPro footage on Twitter and called the sighting just off the coast of La Jolla his "#SuperBowl." In the video, the whale can be seen peeking out of the water just feet away from the group paddle boarding.

According to one of the paddle boarders, the group spotted the whales earlier on and decided to follow them for a bit.

"When we thought we had lost them, they surfaced right by our paddle boards!" the witness told NBC 7.

Whale watching is a popular year-round activity in San Diego, especially this time of year. California grey and blue whales can be seen swimming off the coast and many companies offer sailing tours to catch a glimpse of the animals.

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