Whale Spotted in Mission Bay

The whale surfaced several times near boats and a kayaker


A whale was spotted swimming near the jetty in Mission Bay Monday afternoon.

Video from a news helicopter showed the whale surface several times near boats and a kayaker in the Mission Bay Channel around 2 p.m. Monday.

After about a half an hour, the whale appeared to have successfully reached the ocean.

This is the time of year to spot California gray whales off the coast of San Diego.

Gray whales migrate thousands of miles each fall from Alaska to Baja, then back north between February and May. They spend summers in the Bering Sea and Arctic.

No word on if this was in fact a gray whale in Mission Bay Monday.

In October, a pod of whales was seen swimming near Del Mar. They hung around for a few days. On expert said this group of whales was feeding later than usual.

In 2010, a pair of whales made a wrong turn and ended up in San Diego Bay bringing crowds of onlookers to Shelter Island.

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