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20-Foot Whale Spotted in Carlsbad Lagoon

Pedestrians on the Carlsbad Boulevard bridge stopped to watch the whale

A small, 20-foot gray whale spotted in the Carlsbad lagoon drew crowds of spectators Monday. 

Bystanders first spotted the whale around 12 p.m. in the waters under the Carlsbad Boulevard bridge, by Tamarack Beach and the Encina Public Fishing Area. 

The whale - about the length of a boat - appears to be in good health, SeaWorld San Diego officials said. Representatives from SeaWorld San Diego are at the scene to observe the whale in case something changes. The concern is when the tide rises: the whale may get stuck on the wrong side of the lagoon. 

The whale has swum to the end of the jetty, but cannot seem to make it through. Officials are worried the whale may get tired. 

Seeing a gray whale in San Diego this time of the year is unusual. Normally, the animals are up north. They typically come down to San Diego December to March.  

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