Whale of an Attraction

Visiting gray whale a boon to waterfront business

It doesn't matter if it's black and white or gray all over, getting the chance to get face-to-face with any kind of whale is a pretty hot ticket.  

Sea World has capitalized on it for years and now businesses around San Diego Bay are figuring it out too as a visiting gray whale continues to attract big crowds.

Gray whales are common this time of year, but off-shore headed for Mexico.  A "gray in the bay" is a much rarer occurrence, one experts say, was likely brought about by illness or misdirection.  Still, in the case of this particular whale, who knows?  It  doesn't appear distressed and almost seems to enjoy being the center of attention as it puts on it's daily "now you see it - now you don't" shows in the middle of our busy bay.

The San Diego Maritime Museum has been to quick to take advantage of this boon for business and has begun running daily whale watching trips as part of it's harbor cruise, on board the 1914 "Pilot". 

For information on how you can get aboard for that "once in a lifetime" close-up, check out the museum's website.

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