San Diego

Gray Whale Plays in Waters Off Pacific Beach

Whale watching season is in its peak right now until April

A gray whale was spotted in the water close to the shore of Pacific Beach Wednesday morning. 

According to experts at SeaWorld, the whale is swimming in the shallow waters as a way to play and have fun. 

The whale was first spotted around 11 a.m. Whale watching season is in its peak right now in San Diego and will continue until April. 

Helicopter video of the whale showed three dolphins swimming by, joining in on the shallow-water swimming shenanigans. 

Whale watching season makes for big events in California, including the famous Medocino Coast Whale Festival

According to Big Sur California, 23,000 gray whales are found only in the Pacific. The main population in the summer is north of Alaska in the Bering and Chukchi Seas and in the winters are in the waters of Baja California.

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