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Wet, Blustery Storm Leaves Messy Damage Across San Diego County

One eucalyptus tree, about 120 feet tall, toppled over a house and left a big hole behind.

Trees were toppled, power lines felled and debris spread in last weekend's wet, windy storm, leaving messes to clean up across San Diego County.

Although the most recent storm was not as bad as the ones that swept across the region in January, it still brought even more damage.

On Feb. 3, Mayor Kevin Faulconer declared a state of emergency for the city of San Diego after a series of storms. Governor Jerry Brown had previously declared one for the state of California to help secure disaster assistance.

Now the City of Chula Vista has calculated $1.2 million in damage in an initial estimate from Friday's storm, according to city officials. That includes overtime costs for police, fire crews and city staff.

Crews are working on tree and debris clean up, as well as repairing damaged parks, equipment and facilities, said a Chula Vista city official.

After the storm knocked over a eucalyptus tree that was about 120 feet tall in Scripps Ranch, the families are dealing with the big hole it left in their houses.

No one was hurt, but the tree went through one woman's study, balcony and also destroyed a wall in her living room downstairs. Crews worked to remove the tree out of the home by chopping it up into mulch on the roof. An engineer is planning to inspect the home and see if it is safe to fix.

A woman, Sarah Schneewind, remained in good spirits about trees despite the significant amount of damage one did to her Scripps Ranch home. She said she knew the tree would fall at some point, so she wasn't too surprised when it did.

"I love it...I know it's going to fall...just a question of when because that's what these trees do," said Schneewind.

She told NBC 7 the Home Owners Association is generally responsible about clearing out dangerous trees that pose a risk of falling in the neighborhood.

Schneewind stressed that the trees are an important part of the community and part of the reason she chose to live there.

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