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‘We're Making History': Latinas in Barrio Logan Open Brewery During Pandemic

mujer ofrece cerveza preparada estilo michelada

A group of enterprising Latinas decided to open a brewery in the middle of the pandemic in Barrio Logan and make history.

Opening their own establishment where they could serve craft beer is a dream they had been planning for months and almost did not see come true.

But they haven't given up, even when San Diego has just shifted into the purple tier, they say the toughest battles are destined for the bravest.

"When the woman comes in here, it's a space for her," said Carmen Favela, part of a duo who first started a craft beer connoisseur's club at Border X Brewing and now together with her partner Estela Davila opened Mujeres Brew House, a space they wanted to have since summer.

Its a place for women to enjoy and get to know more about beer.

"We start with the history of craft beer in San Diego and make a beer along with women," Favela said.

For now, they have several flavors and beer cocktails ranging from, michelada cucumber, guava beermosa, to a special for the cold, a grandma chocolate stout.

Carrying out has not been easy, let alone in the midst of the pandemic, as they do not know what will be the future for small businesses. Favela said they were about to give up.

However, she received a lot of support from the women's club and several families who told her that they were excited about the reopening.

Favela said they hired a Mexican food truck to serve food at the brewery as they have a large outdoor space that allows Mujeres Brew House to fully operate outside.

"It's a brewery, with Latinas, we're women it's something that doesn't exist in San Diego, we're making history," she added.

In addition, she had a message for other women who want to follow in her footsteps.

"If you're a woman, you have ideas you want to do something, here we are to support you," said Favela.

Mujeres Brew House is the only artisanal brewer by women for women in San Diego, so these Latina entrepreneurs hope to inspire others as they say there is nothing that women cannot achieve.

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